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We are working on the translation project of the website Today begins the novena to the Holy Father Dominic. We count on your prayer to place ourselves under the mantle of Mary and St. Dominic. If you want to collaborate as a volunteer in the translation of the site, write to us. We will be online with the first pages translated on September 8, liturgical memory of the nativity of Mary.


    AAbout Us

    As the name itself suggests, we are a group of friends, tied in different ways to the Dominican order: young people of the lay fraternity of St. Dominic (tertiaries) other people who share the same spirituality, the assistant, who is a Dominican priest. The work of the different collaborators is divided according to each one's skills and talents, given us by the Loving God. The founders of the site share the gifts that they freely have received for the Mercy of God and let the visitors be a part of that. It's for this reason that the visitors' role becomes so important for us, since they can enrich the pages of the site with their contribution, even with their suggestions, always appreciated.
    Dominican friends are open to dialogue and moved by the love of truth in the spirit of the Holy Father St. Dominic and of St. Catherine of Siena, who lovingly urge us to follow these words of the Lord:
    " At which table (God) lets his children eat with the light of science? At the table of the cross, on which the table of the Holy desire is placed, where souls are eaten in honor of Me".

    CContact Us Here

    If you want to collaborate as a volunteer in the translation of the site or want to to give us suggestions