Dear father Angelo,

I’m a young man, I regularly pray and I regularly take part in the Eucharistic celebration.

I’d like to consecrate myself to the Lord, but recently I am experiencing strong temptations of the flesh. 

I don’t actually commit impure acts but, while I’m using social networks, if I come across photos of undressed women I give a  look instead of moving on promptly.

I am deeply divided: I have no desire to commit impure acts but, despite this, I don’t immediately scroll through the photos.

I pray for you and I hope to receive an answer soon.

I also ask you to remember me during the holy mass.

Priest respond

Dear Friend,

1.I’m very happy to read that the Lord has inspired your will to consecrate yourself to Him.

You will understand more deeply, in the coming years, how much the Lord has loved you.

It’s precisely because of the high level of the vocation to which the Lord is calling you and also because of your ministry that you separate up a lot of lives from sin. For this reason, you should be aware that in many situations you will be more tempted than others.

2.When Saint Thomas asked himself if it was reasonable that Christ would be tempted, He answered in four different ways.

The second answer suits you very well.

Here is what He says:

Christ wanted to be tempted first of all to help us against temptations. (…)

In the second instance to warn us: so that no one thinks to be safe and immune to temptation, however holy it seems.

For these reasons He wanted to be tempted immediately after his baptism; because, how Sant’ilario said, “the devil lays assault especially against holy people because the victory against these people is more coveted then the others”. About this we can read in the Holy Bible:” My son, when you come to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for trials”” (Sir 2,1)” (Summa Theologica, III, 41.1).

3. For the reasons I mentioned above, It must resound louder to you than the others the Lord’s words: “Watch and pray that you may not undergo the test.” (Mt 26,41).

To not undergo the test, it’s necessary to reinforce ourselves with prayers because we can do nothing without God’s aid. Above all you cannot win against temptations. 

In addition to this it’s necessary to be vigilant.

To be vigilant means to be always ready to correspond to the Lord’s inspirations given sometimes by the ministry of our guardian angel.

Our guardian Angel secretly comes to tell us the same words given by Marta to Mary when Jesus was arriving to raise Lazarus: “The teacher is here and is asking for you” (Jn 11,28).

In the sacred text no one tells us why the Lord called her however it’s easy to know.

He didn’t want to tell her anything special, he just wanted to show her the power of His divinity and, at the same time, give Lazarus back to her.

4.The Lord does the same with us when He speaks secretly to us by inspiration, especially when He wants to invite us to overcome temptations: He wants to give us a new sign of the power of His divinity and, at the same time, He wants to give us something great and precious.

For this reason Saint Thomas, regarding Christ’s victory on the temptations of the devil, notes : “For the one who overcomes temptations deserves to be served by Angels”.

5. Keep your motivation high when trying to reach purity.

When Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, the future John XXIII Pope, was a seminarian he wrote in the Journal of a Soul these words: “A globe of pure crystal radiated by the sunlight gives to me the idea of the purity of a priest’s heart.

My soul must be like a mirror which reflects the Angels, Holy Mary and Jesus Christ’s figure.

If this mirror fogs up, even a little, I am worthy to be torn apart and to be thrown in a dump! “(The journal of a Soul, spiritual exercises 1902, n°8).

You have to train to get your soul become a mirror which reflects the Angels,  Mary and Jesus Christ’s figure.

I hope everyone you meet will recognize this mirror in you.

Thanks for your prayers.

I will remember you to God and during the Holy Mass.

I wish you a fruitful Holy Week and I bless you.

Father Angelo.

Translated by : Martina Bimbi

Verified by : Michele B

original post is available in Italian