Father Dominic also prayed with great faith and sent his children preaching the Gospel through the streets of the world.

Over the next year the Order of Preachers celebrates the 800th anniversary of the dies natalis of our patriarch, on the subject “At the table with St. Dominic“.

By thanking and honoring such a valiant patriarch, who put us together on the journey, we feel encouraged to go further, and during the jubilee (which will take place between January 6th 2021 until January 6th 2022) we would like to extend this dream and path to other regions of the world, to meet new friends and share with them the good spiritual food of our website, as if we were sitting at the table with our holy father Dominic.

We would also like to translate the site into Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, German and French. We wish to spread back to the world the good we received!

Our thanks go to the many visitors, almost six million, who have traveled along with us in these 2 years now, and to the English language translators and proof readers who have made this first step possible.

The work is still a lot and it is based on volunteering! We also need your help!

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